I will confess that I am not the biggest fan of Dutch food.  It seems to consist of all things bland: sandwiches, salted herring, and fried food.  Fried food is the most prevalent, a dizzying array of deep fried objects of various different sizes and dimensions that somehow all taste the same.  Croquettes, french fries, and fried meat.  Most unappealingly, all of these items are available for purchase from heated vending machines that have been stationed around the country.

Lately, however, I have taken a liking to bitterballen.  This dish is, of course, fried.  Fried ballen of something.  I have no idea what is inside.  Wikipedia is mostly unhelpful, telling me only that it contains some kind of meat.  I know there is something else in there too but, to be honest, I am not sure that I want to know what it is.

I suppose it doesn’t matter: bitterballen are usually served as a pub snack along with beer.


2 responses to “Bitterballen

  1. You are right – the Dutch cuisine is not the best in the world but some of their continental restaurants are superb! The quality of Dutch farming produce is one of the best in the world.

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