Venice by winter

The poet Joseph Brodsky described Venice in the winter as “part damp oxygen, part coffee and prayers” and who can resist a description like that?

I arrived in Venice on a Friday at midnight. It was so cold that I could see my breath, and big, fat snowflakes were falling thickly. I stepped off the vaporetto, the waterbus that had taken me from the airport to the centre of the city via the main waterway, and immediately got lost. By the time I found my hotel, I was wet, cold, and in love with the city.

Venice in the winter is quiet and cold. You can hear the sound of your footsteps in the stone alleyways and hear the gondoliers call out to each other. There are a handful of tourists posing for pictures with the city’s thousands of pigeons and little girls playing soccer near Maddalena Church. In a square near the Rialto Bridge,  bottles of prosecco are opened at 11 am and lunch seems to last all day. Light darkens and day slips into night, unobserved.

venice 19

venice 20

venice 21

venicd 22

venice 23

venice 24

venice 13

venice 7

venice 8

venice 14

venice 9
venice 2

venice q

venice 3

venice 4

venice 10

venice 16

venice 5

venice 11

venice 17

venice 6

venice 12

venice 18

venice 1

venice 15


8 responses to “Venice by winter

  1. The bear thing is hilarious. I am heading to Venice in Feb for the Venice festival – it will be my first time. I am excited. Just bought the tickets yesterday!

  2. “bottles of prosecco are opened at 11 am and lunch seems to last all day” Soooo, what you’re saying is, “Mel, you would love Venice”??

  3. I was in Venice in the summer and really did not care for it. Mostly because it was overrun with tourists. I think I would have preferred it in the winter. Especially based on your photos. When are we going back together (with Mel of course!)?

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